NCAA March Madness Pool - 2022 $20

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Group password is kw (use invite link above)

Entry Deadline is 11 am Mar. 17 - you must submit your picks online through the link above and pay me in person or via emt in advance or at the latest in person at my tournament Saturday. emt not accepted after 12 noon.


PM for emt info.

Scoring is:
0 pts for playin games
1 pt round of 32
2 pt round of 16
3 pt round of 8
4 pt final 4
5 pt finalists
6 pt champion

Tie breaker is total points scored in final.

1. moose
2. acidjoe
3. andrew murphy
4. STG
5. gayle
6. thegrail
7. trigs
8. PVS

Entry Deadline is 11 am Mar. 17

Pd. (not entered)

Not Paid
3. stpboy

Prize Distribution
< 10 WTA
10-15 80/20
> 15 60/30/10


  • in EMT sent
  • I'm in. I'll pay you on Saturday.
  • 24hr bump
  • About 1.5h left
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    EMT sent Time to regain my 2015 form when I won it.
  • 1 hour to go. 8 entries so far.

    Get those picks in.
  • 8 pd runners. WTA $160
  • Currently AcidJoe is leading the pool with Gayle, Triggy and thegrail close behind.
  • Working on the nut low over here.... oof.
  • Damn it @DataMn! Where are you? How am I supposed to know what my odds are of winning without you?
  • By popular demand... it's back!

    Assuming the pool is still a Winner Take All, as advertised:

    3 players have been locked out of winning - but one of them is the player in 3rd place!

    Gayle has been locked out because all of her remaining picks are the same as Trigs, and he is one point ahead of her.

    Steve and Andrew cannot make it back to first also.

    Today is an exciting day. There is one scenario out of the 16 where AcidJoe locks up the win!
    But, there is also one scenario where he is knocked out of contention too!

    Here are the percentage chance of each participant winning after each scenario tonight (Deciding the rest of the games on a "coin flip" basis) (In the order of the games played tonight):

    Gonzaga-Michigan-Texas Tech-Arizona: Pete 54.69%, Trigs 12.5%, Rob 12.5%, Joe 10.94%, Joanne 9.38%
    Gonzaga-Michigan-Texas Tech-Houston: Shannon 50%, Pete 45.31%, Joanne 4.69%
    Gonzaga-Michigan-Duke-Arizona: Trigs 56.25%, Joe 34.38%, Joanne 9.38%
    Gonzaga-Michigan-Duke-Houston: Joe 50%, Trigs 43.75%, Joanne 6.25%
    Gonzaga-Villanova-Texas Tech-Arizona: Joe 40.63%, Trigs 25.78%, Pete 15.23%, Rob 12.5%, Joanne 5.86%
    Gonzaga-Villanova-Texas Tech-Houston: Shannon 37.5%, Joe 28.13%, Pete 16.02%, Trigs 14.84%, Joanne 3.52%
    Gonzaga-Villanova-Duke-Arizona: Joe 53.13%, Trigs 42.19%, Joanne 4.69%
    Gonzaga-Villanova-Duke-Houston: Joe 65.63%, Trigs 29.69%, Joanne 4.69%
    Arkansas-Michigan-Texas Tech-Arizona: Pete 43.75%, Joe 21.88%, Trigs 12.5%, Rob 12.5%, Joanne 9.38%
    Arkansas-Michigan-Texas Tech-Houston: Shannon 50%, Pete 23.44%, Joe 21.88%, Joanne 4.69%
    Arkansas-Michigan-Duke-Arizona: Joe 56.25%, Trigs 34.38%, Joanne 9.38%
    Arkansas-Michigan-Duke-Houston: Joe 93.75%, Joanne 6.25%
    Arkansas-Villanova-Texas Tech-Arizona: Joe 50%, Trigs 21.88%, Rob 12.5%, Pete 10.94%, Joanne 4.69%
    Arkansas-Villanova-Texas Tech-Houston: Joe 62.5%, Shannon 37.5%
    Arkansas-Villanova-Duke-Arizona: Joe 62.5%, Trigs 34.38%, Joanne 3.13%
    Arkansas-Villanova-Duke-Houston: Joe 100%

    Tomorrow will not be as exciting, since only 2 games have any selections made in the pool, but I will most likely post another scenario tonight.

  • Gayle has been locked out because all of her remaining picks are the same as Trigs, and he is one point ahead of her.
    Wow, that's crazy.

    Let's go Arizona!
  • You can drop Shannon. He never paid.
  • After the first 2 games, and now that I know Shannon is not in...

    If Houston wins, AcidJoe has the bracket locked up!

    If Arizona wins:

    With a Texas Tech win: Joe 50%, Trigs 21.88%, Rob 12.5%, Pete 10.94%, Joanne 4.7%
    With a Duke win: Joe 62.5%, Trigs 34.38%, Joanne 3.12%
  • moose wrote: »
    You can drop Shannon. He never paid.

    prize pool is $160?
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    Well, there are only two results remaining where anyone had a valid pick that Joe does not also have (Peteski has UCLA winning today, and Joanne has Kansas winning in the semi-final, where Joe has Villanova), but it is not enough points to make up the difference.

    Congrats to AcidJoe - he has locked up the bracket with 11 games still to play!
  • And Acidjoe doesn't even look like a basketball player! B)
  • compuease wrote: »
    And Acidjoe doesn't even look like a basketball player! B)
    This white man can’t jump.
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    Thanks for confirming Al that was my take looking this morning before heading to PEI.

    GG everyone
  • Joe, I need your email for payment.
  • Check your messages
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