Moose warmup / st Patty's day game 7pm

March 17th, 2022
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Hey all

So. I'm a degen and off this week. Let's see if we can get a smaller game going. $20 +1 rebuy. 2 table max and I'll run with a min of 6. *format subject to change if interest is very high / low. Same rules apply as my regular games:

Gotta be double vaxxed, show proof
Masks welcome, not required
Someone I know or can be vouched for.

As a warmup for mooses game I'm thinking a sit and go with alternating blinds of NLHE and PLO. Probably use the same structure.

7 pm start time, cash game to follow,. 25/.50 with 100 dollar buy in. NLHE. And one 2 board PLO bomb pot each orbit.

1. Drtyore
2. Clock work girl
3. Beach2002
4. Shtebs
5. Shankar
6. Twothree
7. Granfodder
8. Bastien
9. Shtebs dad Ray (t)
10. Jaylitner
11. Rohit
12. Falloon
13. Moose311
14. Tbd
15. Tbd
16. Tbd

Cash game attendees...

1. G2 greg
2. Shapmaj
3. Ray




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