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Anyone out there feel like doing any poker learning as a group? I have about 40 hours of poker videos from a training site and some ranges for 8 player tables for tournaments. I want to study this stuff but find it hard to do by myself. Maybe if there are a few of us we can do a once a week poker talk for an hour on Discord and we can review a training video and discuss. Maybe once in a while someone can lead a session on different topics like M values or pot odds so if others want to join..


  • I'd be interested in this, depending on scheduling (my work schedule is bananas at times). Might we start a poll with timing? I vote Sundays, but some people have online tourneys they play then.

  • Im good with Sunday..

    Anyone else interested
  • Yuliana would be interested too she says.

  • compueasecompuease Admin
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    meh, I already play perfectly but may be interested...
  • Perfect what time Sunday?
  • If we're looking for this Sunday, might I suggest (on behalf of Yuliana and I) around mid afternoon? LIke 3?

  • That works for me, Comp?
  • I'd join also
  • I will try... Discord huh?
  • Lesson 1: how to recognize straight flush in your hand
  • But it was the losing hand... So....
  • Is this today?
  • I believe it is. And I'm assuming it's the same discord channel?

  • DrTyore wrote: »
    I believe it is. And I'm assuming it's the same discord channel?


    May I have the disco url s.v.p. ?
  • Just got last minute word that it isn't likely to happen this weekend (Mr. Caspan had in laws to deal with), and right now I'm the only one there...

    The discord channel invite is this though

  • Thanks for the prompt reply. Seems the lesson doesn't have enough participants to proceed this week.
    I'm off to /r/Poker to sh¡tpost
  • Is this a go today? I'll be on discord to chat / share hands if we can't do videos or what not. Maybe get some ideas for what ppl would like from it.

  • No shows today! Here's hoping for next week!

    Is there a better time for everyone that may work?

  • I'd be interested in joining the group.
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