Preston Poker Club a.k.a "The Fish Bowl"

Don'T Tap On The Glass!!!

Looking to see if there is any interest in a poker cash game for Saturday nights.

Location is Duke Street in Preston (Cambridge) near Giant Tiger. Lots of parking available.

9 player table to start.

No, Mr. OPP, there will be no rake - please leave us alone to play poker and go catch some actual criminals....maybe you can start with the clowns in government.

Thank you


  • I'm available some Saturdays, and would like to play when I'm available. Please PM me with more information.
  • What do you think the blinds will be?
  • I would also be interested in playing! Please PM me. Thanks
  • Interested.
  • MrCaspan wrote: »
    What do you think the blinds will be?

    Im thinking $1/$2 is a safe bet. Id be open to 1/3 or 2/5 as well depending on what players want.
    Just picked up the new table and chips a couple days ago, but still not quite ready to go yet.
    Gauging interest for now.
  • NL 1/2 or higher im in.
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