I was at Rama yesterday. I didn't play poker, but scoped it out.
There is no calling in. Poker opens at 10:00am. Before 10:00am, you can just claim a seat, until tables are full. One of the regulars said he arrives around 9:00am daily, grabs a coffee and has his book and sits at the seat he wants until they open up. Many had saved seats with coats, card markers etc.
They run 3 tables during the day - seems the regulars know what tables those are, or they just open based on where players are sitting. There was open seating around 1:00pm. 8 players per table


  • Just saw the prior thread about Rama - should have posted there. :)

    Note - there is no plexi glass on any tables anymore
  • After this week they probably will or will be shut down
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