The Official *The Beatles: Get Back* Thread


Who has taken a stab at watching Peter Jacksons' whopping EIGHT HOUR "documentary" The Beatles: Get Back yet? (It's available on Disney+) Directed by Peter Jackson, from 150 hours of audio and video footage filmed in 1969 as they were writing the albums LET IT BE & ABBY ROAD while getting ready for a live performance that was supposed to air on 'the tele' in January 1969. (At this point they had not held a concert in about 3 years)

I'm about halfway through, and my thoughts are mixed. While I have never been the worlds biggest Beatles fan, but do I have the utmost respect for what they accomplished in their relatively short career and how they've influenced many, many artists since. They hit it big in America in 1964 and broke up in 1970 I believe.

It's very cool to see them playing their songs but they also mess around with songs that they themselves were influenced by and they even rip through a few hits of the day. There is one amazing scene in Episode 1 where Paul McCartney is strumming his bass and humming along while George Harrison and Ringo Star are watching and waiting. In less than a minute, Paul works out his little ditty session into "Get Back", including some of the lyrics. Ringo starts to clap a rhythm while George plays melody on his guitar. To get a moment like this caught on film is a truly magical. There are a few more moments like this in the first episode.

You immediately get a sense of how they operated as a band and how ridiculously talented musicians all 4 of them are. (Yes, even Ringo lol)

Paul is obviously the leader. He is constantly playing 'something' and he is not shy at bossing the others around. I was a bit surprised to see John Lennon take orders so casually, especially with Yoko Ono sitting directly beside him. (She is ALWAYS RIGHT THERE)

The movie is stunning to watch, however, I cannot help at feeling a tiny bit icky in seeing how Jackson has manipulated the audio and video with CGI. (If you've seen Jacksons World War 1 film *They Shall Not Grow Old* from 2018, you know what I'm talking about.) He's turned candid conversations from audio recordings into "documentary footage" of the band and their people siting around and chatting. It's pretty clear when this is happening and I find it off putting.

I'll update more when I get through the entire film.

What did you think about it?

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