Made it to Day 2 on the BIG 25

So I finished day 1 with 49.6BB on the on the BIG 25 and ill be starting day 2 with 42.5 BBs
Lets go!!!! ill be streaming Day 2 on Twitch and YouTube May 9th 16:05
First prize so far is $145,962, oh plus a ring LOL! I can only wish!



  • MrCaspan wrote: »
    I'll be streaming Day 2 on Twitch and YouTube May 9th 16:05

    I just checked my bookmark of your Twitch page and it seems to have faded away
    "Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable."
  • Yeah I changed the brand of my poker account which I guess changes my link to my account. I'll update the link.
  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
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  • They have already screwed up and paused the tournament1o5swcv9jo0y.png
  • LOL server cant handle the load.!!


  • Fought my way to the money with 72 BBs and in 58th place average stack in 26 BB... LETS GO!!!
  • Last hand I got it in SB(h) vs BB(v) I had TT vs 33 and they hit a 3 on the flop. Got it in good all i can do. Not a bad tournament considering 61546 entrants. What a great run!!
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  • Nice cash. I watched the last half hour or so. Pretty sucky way to lose.
  • Now you can join tonight's PLO.
  • Thanks Gogie! So the hand where I had the draw to the nut flush, should I have called that or was that a good lay down?
  • Sorry, I think I missed that hand.
  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
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    2:39:40 that's the hand. I am almost certain that's a fold but just need confirmation LOL after seeing I would have hit the flush. I said the math wrong it was 18% on the turn, 36% on the flop I was all confused. I corrected myself later.
  • It's very likely I would have folded pre-flop - your kicker was too weak for my liking (but I will play a lot of hands on the button if it's folded or limped to me). Your raise preflop was probably the right move if you're going to play there as most of the time you'll steal the blinds/antes. I definitely would have folded when the villain shoved against your flush draw - not getting anywhere near the odds you need to call and you're out of the tournament if you lose and I don't think you were pot committed at the time.
  • That is a very cool twitch setup you have, nice run!
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