GGPoker 2021 WSOP Online Schedule

GGPoker is hosting WSOP again this year. I for surly play the BIG 25 on May9th
Might play event(s) #14 and or #17 (Ultra Deepstack Bounty Turbo)



  • Turbos have high variability and its like playing bingo as they say no real skill involved the cards just play them selves out.
  • I'm confused where is day 1 of the #7 BIG 25
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    GGPoker really pisses me off with their stupid site.. Go to the bottom of the page for the full schedule. GMT is 0:00 and were -4:00 so subtract 4 hours form any of those times for our time zone looks like they are starting a flight every 3 hours all week starting Sunday night at 7:30 PM our time. They have a lot of different flights for day 1 for this game and there will be lots of players rolling in to the other flights as they fall off the initial ones. Ill probably be playing this one as well. This field will be massive though!
  • I am also looking at the $25 Double Chance [2-Stack]
  • MrCaspan wrote: »
    I'm confused where is day 1 of the #7 BIG 25
    If it's anything like the BIG 50. It's a two day event all in one day. The BIG 50 went up to level 20 then had and intermission then started back up. Not to mention the clogged servers and delays.
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    MrCaspan wrote: »
    I'm confused where is day 1 of the #7 BIG 25
    My bad... good catch!
  • Found a satellite to it for $0.50
  • haha 1 ticket satellite.. good luck!
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    haha 1 ticket satellite.. good luck!
    In my opinion it's worth $0.50 for a shot at it. Today, there are a bunch of $3 Satellites to it . One with 25 seats [at 2:45pm] others with 10 or 15 seats. Other notable ones have 50 seats [6:30pm] at 75 seats [9:30pm] .

    edit: the 6:30 & 9:30 ones are on May 3rd
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    Looks like you can buy in and play as many Day 1s as you want. If you make it to day 2 in more then one of the games then only your highest stack will be taken to day 2.
    16 Levels in Day 1, First buy in and I'm down to 30 BB @ level 12 with 10 min BB

    I'm streaming gif anyone wants to watch

  • I played the WSOPC Double Chance yesterday... (yet have nothing to brag about)
  • I made it to day 2 of BIG 25 with starting stack of like 42BB
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