Poker Learning Tools

Guys i was thinking of crating some learning tools possibly and was curious if you could think of any way to do some of these things. A lot of these tools might be for newbies some might be more advanced so

1. Learn Poker Hand Ranks . This would be a simple one What one of these hands A, B, C, D beats a straight and show a few multiple choice options. Just repetitive over and over questions so that player knows hand ranks inside and out.
2. Best hand you can make. Show hole cards and ask before any flop comes what is the best hand you can make with these 2 cards (multiple choice), then show a random flop, now what is best hand you can make, then turn and that would be it
3. Best hand opponent can have, ask multiple choice questions on Flop, Turn, River
4. What are the pot odds, show a pot with a bet into it and your action, calculate the pot odds
5. Outs. Question on how many outs you have, memorization game on the outs chart basically
6. Should you call. based on outs and pot odds shoudl you call
7. Price out an opponent. How to use Pot Odds and possible drawing hands to figure out how to price out an opponent. How much would you need to bet to make it not worth wile for them to call.
8. How to calculate M value

Anyone have any other cool tools I could make that were not over complicated to explain and develop?
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