Lost my Little Puppy

We had to put down my dog HyooJee yesterday. He started experiencing vertigo issues on Friday night. We took him to the vet and they said he was having an inner ear issue that is common in older dogs, but there was a chance he could get better in a few days. By Sunday, he was getting worse and could barely even stand or sit up without experiencing dizziness, and we didn't want him to suffer so we had him put down. What made it worse was only one of us was allowed to be in with him due to covid-19 rules so I got to wait in the car. Today would have been his 14th birthday. His cutie face will be missed.


  • Brutal to hear buddy...

    FU father time... :(

  • Sorry to hear this Trigs... I just had to put my cat down a month ago of 14 years luckily we both got to be there for her and I held her as they put her down, I cried like a baby. These damn animals leave foot prints all over our hearts. I'm glad you were able to be there for him. Big hugs man.. it's not an easy thing!
  • Trigs, very sorry to hear this. HyooJee Was a little cutie pie.

    These 4 legged family members give us so much happiness while they are with us. You were blessed to get many good years together. You made a very difficult decision but you did what was best for the dog, which is what loving owner should do.

    Take care my friend !
  • I feel for you Trigs. We had to have our female Westie put down last April at the age of 15. She had been sick for the better part of a year and actually had "doggy dementia". It was sad to see her wander around and often stand in a corner (as the Vet explained, she did that to feel "safe"). We did what we could but in the end it was obvious to all she was ready to go.

    We still have our male Westie. He's 16, turning (we hope) 17 in August and still doing well. He's mostly deaf and has cataracts (but still sees well enough to get around) but overall he's pretty healthy and still going strong. He loves to go for short walks (he's too old to manage long walks anymore) and get his dose of sniffing in.
    trigsToronto Pimp
  • Trigs,
    Sorry to hear of your loss, its crazy the joy they bring to our life.
    Toronto Pimptrigs
  • Sucks, sorry to hear.

    -Andrew, Stella, Cleo.
  • Really sorry to hear of your loss. Been through this is well and can feel your pain.
  • So sorry to hear this Trigs! Even though puppy only made a rare appearance at your poker games, we got to see how cute he was! <3
  • So sorry Trigs man, so many of us go through this and it's never easy.
  • Sorry to for your loss Trigs!!
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