$60 Superbowl Deepstack Bounty (Re-Entry)

February 7th, 2021
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Where: PokerStars Home Games (Club Id:3287644)
Time: 1PM (w/ 60 Min Late Reg)
Buyin: $60 ($50 Tournament/$10 every Bounty)
Game Details: 10k Stack, 15 Min Blinds, 1 Re-Entry during late reg period

** Expecting 20/30 players so please join the club early if you havent so Im not swamped the day with dealing with EMTs and chip dumping to new players.


  • Fyi, I don't think you can create a 20K tournament anymore, 10K appears to be the maximum... You can however, extend blinds to 15 min.
  • compuease wrote: »
    Fyi, I don't think you can create a 20K tournament anymore, 10K appears to be the maximum... You can however, extend blinds to 15 min.

    You are correct. 10k Stack it is.
  • Also I believe with 15 min blinds it will be 90min (6 levels) of late entry/rebuy.
  • You have the ability for late entry of 0,2,4,6 levels. I ended up cancelling late entry, didn't effect entries, just a little grumbling from 1 person for an hour.
  • 4 levels of Late Reg I believe is what I selected, at least that was my intention
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    this is NL correct? And sorry re-entry is out of the picture now? If so ill update the title of your post to remove re-entry
  • NL yes. Re Entry still a yes.
  • Sorry I read Woog's comment thought it was removed
  • In tentatively but figure the player pool'll be watching _the game_ ?

    Wondering how rebuy's will work to prevent welching?
  • This looks very cool! I have no TV access to the superbowl so I'll watch something else. Is there a deadline on the EMT? And what does the actual tourney require to sign up? And if we pay for a re-buy but don't use it, I assume it is EMT back to us?
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    EMT is preferred the day of and no later than tournament start.
    It will occur in Home Games Club ID. 3287644*** access id cambridge123.
    *** Ill double check to confirm club Id as im doing it off memory.
    So the way we are doing the rebuy is players will be asked to send $120 and supply their email address either through PM or by emailing me. After Break I will tally pool including re entry's and sent back any bullets players have not used.
  • Thanks, will do!
  • Just applied to join team.
  • I signed up count me in.. @TheCoordinator PM me your email address to e-transfer you my buy-in
  • Will be on to accept you tonight rock, and pm sent steve.
  • Great, u can PM me your email for transfer
  • How many have signed up so far?
  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
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    Enough to play poker.. Sign up for the league and look for yourself :) But in all seriousness either you want to play or not, don't be that player that waits for the last minute to say they are going to play based on everyone else. There is nothing worse then trying to setup a game and everyone just waits till the last min to show up unannounced and starts trying to get all the info for the game 5 min before it starts. Shit or get off the pot! Sign up to play, if by game time there is not enough players or your plans change then drop out.
  • Hey I would love to play @TheCoordinator I just need your email so I can etransfer you the buy-in plus I registered for the Home Games Club ID. 3287644 and need the club manager to accept my invitation.
  • will do next time i get on there
  • Thanks I'm in... I registered for the tourney but can you send me your email so I can send you your eTransfer? My email is rheaumejd@gmail.com Thanks!
  • Ive had a few questions regarding payouts.
    They will be as followed, and be individual player based not entry based.
    up to 8 will be 2 itm (70/30)
    9-18 3 itm (50/30/20)
    19- 27 4 itm (40/30/20/10)
    28-36 5 itm (35/25/18/14/8)
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  • I have registered for the game, and know what I signed up for this time (e-transfer sent).
  • Locked and loaded! Signed up for tournament (7 so far!) and paid my monies. Come on folks, let's get a couple of tables going!
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    We have 9 registered and another 6 who have verbally committed so it should be a good one!
  • Today, the Magic 8-Ball says that there'll bee quads over quads twice and QQ over AA at least once with a Q on the river? And your Super Bowl spread will be off by one miss & the team you're cheering for'll win?
  • Reminder to all on the fence, Late Reg is until 2PM. send Buyin to mattrego85@hotmail.com - please include screen name in the message as I wont be the forum the entire time.
    Club ID. 3287644 Access ID. cambridge123
    good luck to all!
  • Please don't be 'that player', send your money to him now if you plan on being late!! Nothing worse then playing poker and running a tournament dealing with people that decide last min to inconvenience everyone else.

    Thanks for putting this together!!
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