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If you are like me and use Google for just about everything, I have enabled a new feature that allows you to to log in to PokerForum.ca using your Google Account. For new users they will simply just login with Google and it will create them a new PokerForum.ca account. For existing PokerForum.ca users please follow the following directions to link your PokerForum.ca account to your Google account:
  1. First this to make sure is that your PokerForum.ca email address is the same as your Google account email address
  2. Next log out and click the Google icon or the sign in button and then the Google icon.
  3. You will be prompted as to what Google account you would like to use. Click on the account that matches the one set on PokerForum.ca and log into Google.
  4. PokerForum.ca will show you the account that matches that Google email address andPokerForum.ca will ask you to associate the two accounts. You will need to type in your PokerForum.ca password to confirm the change.
  5. Bobs your uncle, you can now use either your PokerForum.ca username and password to login or you can use your Google login!

If you have any issues please feel free to drop me a PM. If you accidently sign up for a new account as its easy to do let me know as I will need to delete the account before you can progress.

This does not give PokerForum.ca access to ANY of your information stored on Googles services, this login API returns to us an email address and gives us a thumbs up you were able to log or a thumbs down. That is the only information we receive from Google about you!

If you have any issues with it please post feedback in the Site Feedback category

Admin Team
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