various freerolls thread

There doesn't seem to be a thread for listing freerolls. I stumbled upon one today via twitter. It's on Party Poker. "Win a PS5" freeroll starts at 4:30pm. psswrd=lovepoker


  • PokerStars
    Freeroll SuperPoker $1000 Gtd
    ID: 3113814071
    Time: 31/01-20:00 CET/14:00 EST
    Password: superfree
  • PokerStars
    $29K Neymar Jr Birthday Freeroll
    ID: 3119257463
    Time: 05/02-20:00 CET/14:00 EST
    Password: birthdaybash
  • ACR --->
    The Drunken Donk Weekend Kickoff $50
    Time: 05/02-22:00 EST
    Password: ilovetdd
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    ACR Time: 7:00pm EST
    Gripsed || 80k Youtube Subs Freeroll
    Password = [redacted in compliance of DMCA]
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    Americas Cardroom--> Join and play
    Twitch Poker Epic Battle-$2.500 GTD
    Time: 30/04 6pm EST
    Password: [redacted in compliance with DCMA]
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    ON Joker Stars TML Freeroll 20230419-20:05pm

    (photo -r to save on bandwidth)
  • bump but most of you'll prolly have better things to do than play 'freerolls'
  • Another TML shoot-out freeroll at 8:05pm, you can just register and test your luck.
    The format doesnt favour "skill" just aipf every hand. So you'd have to win 6? flips in a row to win...
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    Americas Cardroom--> Join and play FREE

    [redacted in compliance with DCMA]

    You have to have at least $2.20 in your ACR account to play and registration ends in less than 30min for all of them !
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    finished 59th out of 1323 entries in the leafs freeroll.. lol.. I did it by playing my usually tight style... Won 1 round with 2,3 and lost the last round (#4) with A,K.. go figure.. Also won one round with 7,8 suited, thx Mark..
  • Another shoot-out in T-minus... 20:05pm... #ThePriceIsRight [freedumb]


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    PokerStarsON $300 World Cup Freeroll---8:35pm tonight

    [pic redacted to save on bandwidth]
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    7pm Tonight on aka #GGPokerOntario for 50 $100 Ticket Master gift cards

    edited: these have been weekly at 7pm on Sunday but prize is only Ticket Master gift cards ?

  • Nov 17th 2023 5:25pm registration opens an hour prior

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    Looksies like there is a daily $1k freeroll on Joker Stars at 5:25pm until the 26th
    However, the prize pool is strictly tickets !!!



    edited: also a "Poker Night in Canada" freeroll at 6:15 on Sunday
  • Poker Night in Canada Freeroll with cash&tickets to be won.

  • Another Poker Night in Canada Freeroll, late reg until 6:55pm ?

  • Tonight at 8:05pm, fairly certain players can register before
    and dont even have to be online at time of game.

  • Think you mean tomorrow, May 3rd.
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