Online cash game December 5th

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Hey all! Hope everyone's staying safe. I'd love to get my home game rolling again but alas, covid continues.

I've been running a cash game with friends on PPPoker for the last couple months and wanted to open it up to some forum members if they are interested. We have everyone on a zoom call to keep things somewhat normal. Drinking is optional but highly recommended.

We play 10c/20c blinds Max 50$ buy in. For those not familiar with PPPoker the app takes a rake, we have it set at the lowest setting (1% Max 0.5bb) I pay out any rake taken as a bad beat bonus at the end of the night.

Buy ins are e-transfered to me and you get loaded up with money in the app. All money is paid back out via e-transfer the next morning (once I'm sober).

Download Pppoker. Join club ID 673626

If anyone's interested or has my questions feel free to shoot me a dm and I'm happy to answer 'em!

Stay safe,


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