GG Poker withdrawl symptoms

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Does anybody have experience doing withdrawals from GG Poker?
It looks like I can send to any email address or does it 'lock in' once entered?



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    Ok so my Interac e-transfer got denied and GGPoker isn't responding to my emails...
    the website makes it look so easy to withdrawal but the cc option is grayed out for me.

  • Did you ever figure this out? I still have money on there that I'll want to withdrawal.
  • @TheCoordinator maybe you could provide insight.
  • I havent had an issue with them mind you I deal with MuchBetter and everything is simple.
    Withdrawal into MB account is almost instant, then takes me 24-72 hours to receive the E-transfer.

    Ive had friends of mine have issues cashing out money after I sent them money on the site as a "Money Laundering precaution" which is in their terms and conditions. In that case they needed to a rack up a rake equivilant to the transfer before it was deemed "withdrawable".

    Personally I have had no problem with GG.
  • Ok finally figured it out. I had to register for e-transfer via debit and make a deposit.
    Then I was able to withdraw via email transfer but not before I donked away all of my EV.
  • You have to use the same method you used to deposited money to withdraw money to close the loop so they can stop bank fraud and money laundering.
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