Real good system for gaming if anyone is looking.

All we would need to do is add whatever video card you wanted.
HP Z440 Workstation
Intel Zeon E5-1620 V4 3.5Ghz processor
4 cores, 8 threads, 10mb Cache, V4 processor
32GB ram, 512GB SSD
700 Watt power supply with two 6-pin video card power connectors.
$600, for them with 1 yr warranty. Add whatever cost for desired video and $100. for me to install video, Windows 10 pro, latest version, and Office 2013 Pro and it would make for a great all round gaming system. Not including keyboard, mouse or monitor.


I also have some Lenovo Tinys, I5, 4GB ram, 500GB mechanical hard drive, DVD drive, 1 yr warranty for $290. I can easily upgrade ram or add any size SSD drive as well. Great business systems with very small footprint.



  • With the DVD player the $290 unit would be a great media pc. What does it have for networking?
  • Gigabit ethernet, but could add wireless for like $30. It may already have it and could check if someone cared..
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