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So I got sick of when I first started that no one would help me learn the basics of poker as if it was some kind of secret. So I have decided to open my own Twitch about grinding low stakes on PS and learning basics of poker in the process.
If anyone would like to watch please feel free to visit my channel and subscribe!

I will be streaming tonight for a few hours and of course plugging the site while I am at it!


  • Good job on talking thru the hands. This should help some new players see the thought process for making good decisions.

    You did run pretty bad, just unlucky.

  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
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    Thanks @Toronto Pimp I like talking through my hands to help me feel same when making decisions. Does not mean it's right but stops me from doing dumb stupid calls. I was to focus each one on a different topic. Tonight about half way through I wanted to explain Range and UTG and only that..

    I did get some bad luck tonight with flips but I enjoy playing so much down $7 means nothing to a fun night of grinding!!

    I'm no professional that's for sure and I have a lot to learn but I think helping other with the basics and I can maybe help give them the poker worm and get more players involved! I would like to do a whole blog on poker basics for the site to help draw people to the forum.. Pipe dreams!
  • Keep up the good work.
  • That's a good deal, to bad don't use that site. Maybe I should try the other sites out I have always just used PokerStars
  • Run It Once is probably the best site as far as rake is concerned. Software is decent. Player pool is low though.
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