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Stella just got a new friend to play with... Say hi to Cleo!dku12t2rocvk.png

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  • Andrew Congrats !!!

    Cleo looks like a beautiful little pup. I am sure Stella will love having the company.
  • Andrew, let’s see some pic’s of little baby Cleo.......

    I am dog-sitting Roxy’s best friend Charlie the dog.


  • Charlie doesn't look all that happy, you giving all the treats to Roxy?
  • Here's some puppy pics for you (even though I know they don't really count).
    Toronto PimpcompueaseBfillmaff
  • Trigs, your dog is an absolute cutie pie.
  • compuease wrote: »
    Charlie doesn't look all that happy, you giving all the treats to Roxy?

    Hey Comp, Charlie is a little piggy guts. He had half a steak and his own dinner and still wanted more treats tonight.

  • That's my boy!
  • Great looking dog Woog.
  • OMG @Bfillmaff that pup is adorable!! I wish I had the energy to deal with a dog. I'm too lazy to have dogs in the city..

    Here are my two dogs

    BfillmaffToronto Pimp
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    Cleo is getting big so fast it's insane!! 43 lbs at last check in... she's gonna be a big girl.


    trigsToronto Pimpwoog30Card Dead
  • 43 lbs!! Wow. What a beautiful dog!
  • @Bfillmaff Cleo looks amazing and Stella looks happy to have a little friend to snuggle with.

    @MrCaspan those are some really funny looking dogs. 🤪
  • Thanks Mike - it's crazy how well they are getting along... I swear she's the same dog as Stella sometimes.
    Roxy looking good too as always!
  • Roxy is just a very happy dog. She loves riding in the truck with all the windows down, she then barks at every single person or dog we drive by.
  • She’s probably telling everyone not to blame her for the choice of truck. 🤪
  • @Bfillmaff met these two cuties on the weekend and they reminded me of Stella and Cleo.

    MrCaspanCard Dead
  • Awesome looking dogs right there... love the floppy ears!
  • Made me think of this picture - she's still got one ear that isn't quite standing yet lol
    woog30Toronto PimptrigscompueaseCard Dead
  • Stella is looking for a treat.
  • @Bfillmaff

    We need a video of Cleo and Stella doing this .

  • hahahaha if there's a video for "chewing up couches and peeing on the floor" I think they'll have it nailed!
  • Anybody who loves dogs should follow @buitengebieden_ on Twitter.
  • Buzzzardd wrote: »
    Anybody who loves dogs should follow @buitengebieden_ on Twitter.

    Thank you, there were some very cute dog videos there . Smiles for dAYS.

  • @Bfillmaff

    Let’s see Stela and Cleo...... the baby must be huge now.

    Here is Roxy and her street gang of tough’s.

    Lucy the doodle and Biscotti the poodle

  • Poor Roxy, looks like she's being ignored...
    Toronto Pimp
  • Yeah, they were being racist against “ZEE GERMANS”
  • Oh snap just saw this... I should check in more often.
    The girls are doing great! Cleo is 1 year old now - damn that was fast...

    And Stella still rocking it hard in her old age:

    trigscompueaseToronto Pimp
  • When are you going to come back to the forum games and dump some of your funds? Maybe on the same night Mike does?
  • Gotta admit that im not the biggest fan of Online SNGs - but it will be good to play with you guys again. Will make sure to jump into one in the near future!

    And I promise to do my best to dump funds but its hard when you guys keep doubling me up all the time... don't you know I'm playing premium hands only??
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