New poker cheating scandal ???

Supposed to be another huge poker scandal that will make the Mike Postale one look small.

Stay tuned.


  • Just reading that on Twitter. Bill Perkins posting it, and Jason Koon may have been a whistle blower. Bill Perkins saying he is very disappointed in some big names.
  • I am very curious, for Bill to say some of the people are considered “poker hero’s” should be big name pro’s that everyone has watched on T.V.

    Should be interesting.

  • The rumors are that it was pros ghosting on rich recs' accounts but nothing yet known for sure.
  • I listened to Bill Perkins speak about it last night. Suppose to be a private online with rich rec players, the app suppose to turn on your camera as a security feature. The camera was on but Jungleman was using Teamviewer to play on recs account.
  • Jungleman's defense was "everybody's doing it". Lame.
  • Kinda anti-climatic. Looks like Perkins was just “butt-hurt” because he has been so generous with most of the pro’s and they still tried to screw him over.

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