MicroMillions Main Even

edited April 2020 in Online Poker
Anyone else playing in today's MicroMillions Main Event on Poker Stars (2:00 pm)? I won an $11 buy in from a freeroll ticket PS gave me a few weeks ago so I'll give it a go. The buy-in is $11 and the guaranteed prize pool is $1 million (with 1st place guaranteed $100,000). It's a rebuy and there will be over 100,000 runners when all is said and done so it will be a hoot to play. It's running over 2 days (42 levels today and the rest tomorrow). It'll probably stop around 10:00 pm tonight.


  • Well that was fun. For some reason I thought it was a rebuy so based my play accordingly. Busted out when I thought the villain was betting a busted flush draw - he put me all in on the river - and he actually had hit a boat. Oh, well, wasn't like it cost me anything.
  • I don't think I could play for that long online. I'd probably fall asleep.
    I was thinking of doing a full day grind of tournaments soon with maybe a little BAP just for some fun.
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