Any interest in mini WSOP on Poker Stars home games.

Good morning guys im gonna throw an idea out there and gauge everyones opinion...
After Cole did a great job with his Woods series of poker Im gonna throw an idea out there. For a mini WSOP (4/5 NLHE, 1 HORSE, 1 PPC [8-game], 2 PLO, 1 NHLE/PLO mix and then the main event) as in all likelihood its gonna be cancelled.
It will culminate in a Main Event where winners of the each event will get a free entry into the Main.
Will take place on Poker Stars.
Buy-ins will be minor fractions of the actual event and if there is a genuine interest in the upcoming days I can put a tentative schedule together and post it.
A percentage of the prize pool(will be withheld for 1- Winner entry in the main 2- sweeten the Main event pool.
I understand trust is a factor and I'd stay in the community in the area I have a reputable image and people can vauge for me but I will noyhing personal if noone feels comfortable with the idea... All withheld $ will be accounted for and distributed after the main event.
An idea for buy-ins are gonna range from $20-$250 however that can be influenced by the players.

Again this is an interest thread, and if there are people interested I can make a schedule and we can go from there.

Cheers, Matt.
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