New User Stipulations to Prevent SPAM (I Hope)

To help cut down on SPAM with the new forum the following is now in place for new registrations.
  • New users when registering must pass a re-capatch test.
  • Once registered all they can see is the Introductions forum (they cant post yet)
  • Once their email has been verified by the user clicking on link sent to that email, the can still only see the introductions forum but can now they can post to it.
  • Once they post their Introduction a moderator will verify their post before it shows.
  • They will then be able to see the rest of the forum as a Jr. Member, they cant view members profiles or send Private messages or write on peoples walls.
  • After 10 posts they will become a Full Member and be able to have full privileges the same as the rest of us
This should stop ALL spam from getting into the forum and make Jeff and my job easier and your view a little less cluttered.


  • If this works as designed the day to day workload will decrease significantly and all members should benefit by not getting spam pm's.. Don't hesitate to let us know if any do.
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