Sunday at Casino Niagara

Nicole and I decided to head to Niagara this afternoon for some 1/3 fun. We've had some success there on Sundays and decided to press our luck.

We played on separate tables to avoid any domestic incidents. My table was pretty active and loose with 3-4 seeing the flop, regardless of the pre-flop action.

We are about 3 hands in when UTG raises to $15, two callers and I am on the button with 3-3 and call as well, both blinds fold.

The Flop is 3-3-4, for flopped quads ! UTG raiser shoves all in for his remaining $50, one fold and the other caller shoves all in for $300, I confirm he is all in and snap call and flip over my quads.

The larger all in flips over 4-4 for a flopped boat, and yes, a one outer to the bad beat jackpot, which is at $108,000.

The entire table is now yelling for a 4 to hit

Turn is a 9

River is a 5

That is the closest I have ever been to winning a bad beat jackpot.


  • Nice hand DJ!

    I seen very similar hand this weekend for alot of cash. No I wasn't one of the players in the hand.

    Pocket QQ vs 55 on a Q55J2 board.

    Hello 4k pot.
  • Should asked to run it 50 times...

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