We got spam PM’s.....

Please destroy the account.


  • Nuked....
  • Hey Steve, is this something that will be easier to stop with new software?
  • With new software we would moderate the first post before they are approved members
  • i got a spam PM yesterday.....i didnt respond to it
  • Yep, it was reported and that one was nuked as well..
  • Still getting through.
  • Milo wrote: »
    Still getting through.

    Just nuked Trevorarino. Our able bodied Admin is working on a more permanent solution so that poor overworked me can take a break and not have to manually nuke these guys..
  • Believe it or not only people with Canadian IP address are allowed to register and these suckers get past all the "Click 3 traffic lights" capatchas and the IP bans ... Its a cat and mouse game that sucks.. I am not sure how they are sending PMs though i thought you had to have 10 forum posts before you can PM.. Ill double check that setting.

    Just FYI I get about 15 emails a day for new users signing up from Turkey or China or India only the Canadians get through
  • Sarahtaw spewing religious crap.
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