$165 Niagara Tourney Jan 28

Looks like I’ll be able to head down for this tomorrow.

Anyone else in?


  • Sorry, not selling any action. 🤪
  • Card Dead wrote: »
    Sorry, not selling any action. 浪

    how about a swap ?
  • Thats a bad deal for you.
  • Card Dead wrote: »
    Thats a bad deal for you.

    you can’t keep running so bad at Niagara. You are due for a big payday !
  • Glen, if I can get 6 or 7 Km’s done in the morning with the dog I will come out.
  • Just walk Roxy over to my place and we can go from there. 😏
  • Big Field of 230 runners today.
    29 places paid. $7500 up top.

    As usual, action was crazy bad, especially early on. Very first hand of the tournament there’s a 4x raise from utg, with 2 callers. Flop is 256cc and utg leads out for almost pot, MP calls, button raises, utg shoves, and eveybody calls off their stacks. UTG has KK, MP has A7cc, and button has A6ss. Turn is a 2, river is an ace, and the A6 triples up.

    Hot and cold day for me. Got almost no hands early on, and was down to 7k at first break. Then I get QQ and 3-bet from the BB vs wide player. Flop is J62, i bet, he jams, i snap, he says “oh crap, i put you on AK” and shows 55 and does not improve.

    The next orbit, I’m in the BB with about $13k and there are 4 limpers and I check with 55. Flop is 5A5 🥳! Everybody checks. the turn is a 6, and everybody checks again. River is a 10, so i bet 2100 into 3200, hoping someone has enough to call. UTG makes it 6k and it folds back to me. I have him just covered so I tank for a short bit, then shove my remaining 10k. He snaps and shows AA for a flopped boat. I show my quads and he proceeds to lose his mind, understandably so.

    My heater continues for another level after that, and i run it up to about 80k by level 9. Then our table breaks and i get moved to a much tougher table and my cards run dry again. I get grinded down to about 30k as we approached the bubble and there are 3 aggro players that are basically shoving every hand. Then I get KK, and get called super light, and hold for the double up.

    Then the bubble breaks and we quickly get to 3 tables, and then we redraw seats. I get a better table draw and players are dropping like flies. I double up when I 3-bet shoved about 20BB with KK and got called by A8 from the big stack.

    I grind my way to the FT bubble, and then double up and break the bubble all at once. I’m one of the shorter stacks coming in, but nobody is super deep. We get down to 5 players and blinds are 15k/30k/30k and avg stack is 460k. All stacks are between 200k and 600k, and I have 400k. 5th Place pays $1500 and the chop value is $4000, so since it’s a bit of a crap shoot at this point, I suggest a 5-way chop.

    Everyone agrees, except one fuck-tard with about 300k, so we keep playing in “all-in or fold” mode. I have to fold my steady diet of J4 off and the like, until i get AJ and shove into JJ and I’m out in 5th for $1500.
  • Good pay day Sir. Your patience paid off.
  • nicely done, that fucktard should have gone out next though.
  • Yeah, we all thought the same, but i think he played it right tho. Once he knew we all wanted to chop, he figured we were all looking to ladder up since the pay jumps were quite big at that point, and changed gears.

    After that conversation, he just started jamming almost every hand and after a couple of orbits he had the chiplead. I was on his left and so i was facing an all-in almost every hand. I think I made a bad fold in one spot, but other than that, I could never call.

    It also helped him that the best player was the short stack and the worst player was the big stack.

    Just goes to show there’s no Karma for old men.😏
  • I think I made a bad fold in one spot, but other than that, I could never call.
    Card Dead wrote: »
    I double up when I 3-bet shoved about 20BB with KK and got called by A8 from the big stack.

    There is your answer right there.
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