Interesting Hand from a Home Game

Hand a random free night and got invited to a bi-weekly home game that's been running, apparently for 14 years! (Only recognized one other person). Decent skill level.

There was one hand that was crazy how it played out, so I wanted to record it for posterity.

Local $20 NLHE re-buy tournament. Down to 5 players, Top 4 pay out. Chipleader has 60-70% of the chips in play, with an obvious second stack, and the rest were fairly even, though I just doubled up.

BB: ($57k) 2nd in chip, playing weak tight to make the money
UTG+1 (Hero): ($36k) Current PoY runner up. Amazing donkey. ;)
Button: ($26k) ABC Old guy.

Blinds are 1.5k/3k and I get dealt JTdd

I raise to 8k, called by both the Button and BB. Pot: $25.5k

Flop comes 9QK rainbow, no diamonds, for the flopped nuts.

BB checks to me and I downbet to $7k to encourage worse hands to come along, with the plan of one more street of smaller betting, making it hard to fold to an all in on the river.

Old ABC pushes all in for his remaining $18k stack, and the BB tanks. I'm loving it, but at this point, Old ABC gives "the speech" that he's given twice before, both times holding the nuts. I really hope I'm not splitting the pot here as I have Old ABC covered and knocking him out will burst the bubble.

BB finally calls, I think for a bit then go all-in over-the-top for $10k more.

This is where the first bad beat happens. I thought, and I think Old ABC also thought that BB called my bet, and so Old ABC flips over JTcc. Dealer and BB motion for him to stop as action was pending, and BB says that he was considering folding, which since the dealer and BB tried to stop OldABC from showing, makes me realize action wasn't finished. I need to pay attention more.

With the action as it currently stands, the pot is $79.5, and so BB is getting 8-1 on his call, but now knows that he is crushed by Old ABC.

He open folds K4o. If Old ABC didn't expose his cards I don't think there's any way BB folds top pair getting 8-1 in that spot, but he was playing weak-tight as the bubble approached, so who knows for sure.

The BB folds happens, but there's still a good chunk of change to split and I'll be at about $50k and second in chips after the hand.

Except, the board goes runner-runner clubs to give OldABC the flush and he scoops the spot, leaving me with 3BB, which is gone shortly thereafter, making me the bubble.

Even if BB had called, I'm still the short stack (or tied with BB) at just over $20k, but it's easier to push and not get called at 6BB vs 3BB.

On an aside, I witnessed the complete and total opposite of a bad beat: Player goes all in and is called in 3 spots. The board runs out with 3 spades and a bet on the river gets the other players to fold, but the winning player mucks his hand before the all-in player reveals. The raiser claims he had the A-high flush, which I believe, but the hand is not retrievable and declared dead and the all-in player goes from busted to quadrupled up. Crazy!! :)


  • The only thing I would say about the end part is if the hand was easily retrievable, it needs to be pulled out of the muck and shown.
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