Tuesday August 6th Niagara $ 165 tourney.

Played this one today.

190 players today. 24 made the money.

bow down to the almighty Bubble Boy.

Had a fun day and was pretty short as we approached the bubble I was down to 12 big blinds when we were at 30 players left, so I didn’t expect to get too far.

Only hand of note was the last one. I am down to 11 big blinds and get pocket 7’s in mid position. I shove for 11,000 and get 2 callers. Flop comes K 10 6. Guy re shoves and other guy snap calls. I am drawing to running 7’s. 1 guy has pocket 10’s and other guy has pocket kings. So I go out as bubble boy and the guy that cashed in 24th had over 60k behind but pocket kings guy had 110k. Crazy hand.

Once again very good dealers in the poker tournament Erin, Milan, Tara, Tyler and others all doing a great job by dealing quick and keeping the game moving. Carl and Amy are doing a great job as bosses.


Now bow down to the bubble boy.


  • Just for you.. Closest I could come on short notice.
    bow.jpg 14.2K
  • P.s. the bad beat is at 235,000.
  • lol, yep I knew that as I was there yesterday when the wife made a last minute decision. She was up $250 and I was up..... wait for it now... $5. Had a free buffet though...

    Thinking I may try a $130. super or two though...
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