Announcing Royal Cup XXIII Oct 26th, 2019; Discussion thread

Announcing Royal Cup XXIII Oct 26th, 2019; Discussion thread

The Royal Cup of Poker XXIII will take place at the same location as the last one.

The Royal Cup is a team event, consisting of 8 players, in which each member of your team plays 3 different SNG's as well as one heads up NL match. Points are received based on finishing position in the SNG's and are accumulated between all your team members. The team with the highest point value at the end of the event are declared the champions. The point system is at the bottom of this thread for reference.

The schedule/blind structure will not change from what is posted below. Please arrive as early as possible


10:00 - 10:30 Registration.
10:30-10:45 Rules. If you have questions before hand just ask.
CARDS FLY AT 10:45 Sharp.

Captains will collect their teams entry fees and pay me directly the full $400 amount.

Side pots are as usual, $2. for high hand in each SNG plus $4 MVP ($10. total). These are strictly optional but do add some fun to the day.

Our 50/50 Points draw is an event where you pull a players name out of a hat and if they are the days MVP you will split the pot with them. So the pot goes to the MVP and the person holding their card.

Also, each variation of poker that day will have a High Hand Jackpot.

FL Holdem
PL Omaha
NL Holdem

For all the SNGs you must show your hand to be eligible but a showdown does not need to occur. In the Hold em SNGs you must use your 2 hole cards to be eligible for the high hand jackpot.

So for $10 you can enter all the side pots.

10:45 - 2:00 FLHE/Stud (4 players on each team play Stud and 4 play FLHE.)

- Cards are in the air at 10:45am sharp if players are not there they will be blinded out.

7 Card Stud Starting with 5000 Chips
14 min Blinds Ante Bring In SB BB
5 10 20 40
10 20 40 80
20 40 80 160
25 50 100 200
50 100 200 400
Colour Up Break 10 mins
100 200 400 800
200 300 600 1200
200 400 800 1600
300 600 1200 2400
400 800 1600 3200
500 1000 2000 4000
800 1600 3000 6000

These will be the rules for the Stud SNGs
Antes are paid and then the dealer deals 2 cards down and one up per player
After the first three cards have been dealt, the player showing the lowest up card must make what is called a "bring-in" bet.
The bring-in bet, by the way, is the only significant time and place in poker where card suits come into play. The highest suit is spades, followed by hearts, diamonds, and clubs
After the action has been completed on the opening round, the dealer gives a face-up card to each player remaining in the game. The dealing will go in a tradition clockwise fashion. Unlike the first round, where the lowest hand was forced to start the action, in this second betting round, the highest hand on board has the option to start the betting; that is, the player showing the highest hand is called upon first to either bet or check.
On fifth street, you receive your third up card, and then there is a round of betting, again started by the highest hand on board. (This person may be different then the first bettor on 4th street).
Sixth street is virtually identical: an up card is dealt, the highest hand acts first.
The betting on seventh street is identical to sixth street, but the card dealt is the last card you will receive, and it is dealt face down.
There are 4 bets max per round unless heads up where the betting is unlimited.

Fixed Limit Hold em

FL Hold em Starting with 5000 Chips
14 min Blinds SB BB Stakes
25 50 50 100
50 100 100 200
100 200 200 400
150 300 300 600
Colour Up Break 10 mins
200 400 400 800
300 600 600 1200
400 800 800 1600
500 1000 1000 2000
600 1200 1200 2400
800 1600 1600 3200
1000 2000 2000 4000
1500 3000 3000 6000
2000 4000 4000 8000
2500 5000 5000 10000

All rounds of betting will be capped to four bets unless heads up where the betting is unlimited

PLO (approx start 2-2:30) or as soon as all Stud and FLHE is done.

2:00 - 5:00 PL Omaha Starting with 5000 Chips
15 min Blinds
25 50
50 100
100 200
150 300
Colour Up Break 10 mins
200 400
300 600
400 800
600 1200
800 1600
1000 2000
1500 3000
2000 4000
2500 5000

Basic Rules of Omaha are the same as Hold em with the exception of each player being dealt 4 pocket cards and when the showdown occurs the best hand must use 2 pocket cards and 3 community cards.

5:00 (or earlier) to 7:30 NL Hold em

NL will start at 5:00 sharp (or as soon as all PLO tables finish). There is no scheduled dinner break as the venue has food to serve on demand.

NL Hold em Starting with 5000 Chips
15 min Blinds
25 50
50 100
100 200
150 300
200 400
Colour Up Break 10 mins
300 600
400 800
500 1000
600 1200
800 1600
1000 2000
1500 3000
2000 4000
2500 5000

7:30 to 9:00 NL Headsup (as soon as two opponents are eliminated from their respective NL tables)

HU Matches should start as soon as you and your opponent are available. Grab a deck and some chips.

If a player leaves and misses their HU match:
- 5 points are automatically awarded to their opponent's team
- a replacement player (from the defaulting team) can step in to play for the other 5 points

Heads Up Start with 5000 Chips
10 Hand Blinds
25 50
50 100
100 200
150 300
200 400
300 600 Capped

Closing Ceremonies. approx. 9pm


REMEMBER THIS TOURNAMENT IS NUT FREE EVENT DUE TO SOME ALLERGIES THANKS living breathing nuts not included, there are a number of those..

Point System

Â* Â* Â* Â*1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Stud SNG 15 12 9 7 5 3 2 1
FL Hold em 15 12 9 7 5 3 2 1 1 1
Omaha SNG 15 12 9 7 5 3 2 1 1 1
NL Hold em 15 12 9 7 5 3 2 1 1 1
Heads Up 10 0


  • I see there’s a bunch of potential teams but how do they become aware of the upcoming event?
  • BankItDrew wrote: »
    I see there’s a bunch of potential teams but how do they become aware of the upcoming event?
    Some of them are on here and some I send emails to.
  • Just an FYI for those who may not have noticed-this event does conflict with the Niagara Poker Classic. Players and/or captains may want to check in and confirm before playing satellites and/or committing to a team and having to drop out. I had a player drop out last night when we noticed the conflict.
  • My teammates will honour their commitment
  • Could I start a new team; a team of one. Or one (me) and a small army of Pringle cans? My team name would be Narcissistic Megalo-ego-maniac. Ideally I'd be permitted to hop from table to table and sub into which ever Pringle can I feel like controlling temporarily.
  • I’m not against the idea
  • Would be interesting for sure, you would be paying the entire $400. entry fee?
  • There are 5 of us in the free agent thread - only need three more to field our "Free Agent" Team
  • Just to update everyone, please pass on to your teams especially regarding outside food and drink..

    Good morning Jeff thank you for the update, I was thinking about your event.

    Chris our chef will be preparing a menu for you , I have certainly mentioned the beef stew. ;)

    I will be in to open the Proshop at 8:45 that day and be in the event room for 10:30-11:00. If your group would like to buy drinks or snacks including coffee when the arrive in the snack bar please.

    Kitchen will open at 12-7, a request as well to provide a reminder to all about outside food and beverages please. The group was good last year, thanks for that.

    Just a heads up, we have been having internet difficulties that we have been working on.

    See you next week Jeff.

  • One other thing I'm thinking about. Considering just once a year in the fall. It's just getting to be a chore to get enough teams, spring seems to be the worst although only 6 this time is not great. Will bring it up at the introductions and get a consensus. If anyone has any personal thoughts please approach me at the event. Jeff..
  • Here is the menu that I just received, Yay, Beef Stew is back! Nicole, I hope the salad is ok for you. Am cross posting this in both the team thread and the announcing thread, please don't ban me..

    Hi Jeff, the menu is as follows;

    • Movie Night Nachos-$11.00
    • Burger/Veggie Burger & Fresh Cut Fries $16.00
    • Beef Stew on Mashed $16.00
    • Steak Sandwich and Fresh Cut Fries $17.00
    • Meatball Sub with Mozzarella & Fresh Cut Fries $15.00
    • Hoagie Club & Fresh Cut Fries $16.00
    • Poutine $11.00
    • Side Fries $5.50
    We have the ability to make salad as well, it looks as though we have greens for your guest who is diabetic in place of the fries. All pricing includes tax.
  • Nah 'cross' posting for you just means angry old man.
  • I recall there being an issue with using debit and/or credit that still a problem?
  • Gottaget wrote: »
    I recall there being an issue with using debit and/or credit that still a problem?
    Today their machine was working but being where they are they regularily have issues. Bring cash just in case.

    Also it appears as if the fresh cut fries will not be available, so back to frozen. :(
  • Great job organizing team. Al, Greg, Jeff, Ron and anyone else I missed who helped run the show today.
  • Congrats Loose Moose and safe travels heading East Bfillmaff.

    Thanks again to Jeff, Al, Greg, Ron and all the Captains and teams.
  • Congrats Loose Moose.

    Another fun day.
  • It is so easy to take an event like the Royal Cup for granted. But there is a lot of hard work and preparation that goes into it.
    A big Thank you to everyone who help make the event run so smooth.
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