Quad 7's twice in one day

I was only playing with play chips. First STT I was dealt pocket 7's and flopped 2 7's. Second STT I was dealt 77, and flopped a 7 with another 7 coming up on the river. What are the odds of that happening?


  • Depends on how many hands you played that day.
  • That would be a question for our resident mathematician DataMn..
  • Playing live yesterday I had quad aces and quad kings... Several more quads came in the cash game.. Probably saw like 6 quads? Though the others were drama ha

  • HarryII wrote: »
    What are the odds of that happening?

    I like to do easy math. 50/50 it either happens or it doesn't! But really odds are 427 to 1 to hit it on the flop (0.2%) there are no calculators to say it twice in 2 games and the same quads :)
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