Casino Niagara regular just got wrecked.....

Greg is a regular at Niagara.......

was chip leader looking at a million million dollar pay day in the $1500 monster stack when this happened. I would assume Greg had a big over pair.

[FONT=&quot]Hand #112: Katayama raised it up to 4 million and McCue-Unciano made the call. After Katayama bet 4 million on the 2h.gif9d.gif6s.gif flop, McCue-Unciano check-raised it to 9.5 million and was called by Katayama. Katayama then called McCue's 12.5 million bet on the 10c.gif turn, and when McCue-Unciano bet out a massive 60 million on the 5s.gif river, Katayama again made the call, but was dismayed when McCue-Unciano tabled 3s.gif4d.gif for the rivered gutshot straight draw. McCuu-Unciano then scooped the biggest pot of the tournament.

Kainalu McCue-Unciano


Gregory Katayama


Vincent Chauve


Here is a link to the live updates.......


  • He had top set, according to the link.
  • That was the grossest hand I have ever seen. Over $500,000 swing because of 4 outs - I would quit poker
  • TP..your man placed 3rd..........nice cash
  • Not a friend. Just someone I have played against for a number of years.

    But it a very nice payday for him. I believe he recently got engaged too. Nice way to start out life with a smaller mortgage.
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