Everyone Read! New members, read before posting... Rules of pokerforum.ca

The rules of being a pokerforum.ca member.
  1. No Assholes
  2. Act your age
  3. Respect one another, respect members of pokerforum.ca, its moderators and visitors.
  4. Refrain from excessive profanity
  5. Do not post links to external sites using affiliate links or referral codes.
  6. Posts that contain content considered to be racial, sexist, demeaning, harassing illegal or otherwise inappropriate will be removed/edited without warning.
  7. No advertising of online poker rooms, poker forums, poker products, online casinos, affiliate sites, or any other product in which you are profiting from without consent from an admin. Do not post links to sites (affiliate links etc) advertising of webpages which serve little purpose other than to advertise online poker sites or have little relevant content. The same applies to private messages, and registering with a username that itself is an advertisement (unless you are an approved advertiser)
  8. No needless thread bumping (replying to your own post to bring others attention to it)
  9. No cross posting this is when you make the same post in multiple sections of the forum.
  10. No giving out other people's personal information like addresses etc unless you have permission to do so
  11. Know that these rules are subject to change

*** Remember, we welcome you to express your opinions, but do not make them personal. When someone critiques your play, remember it isn't personal! As staff of pokerforum.ca we reserve the right to edit/delete posts we deem as being inappropriate.***

What to do if you encounter a post that doesn't coincide with the rules above?
  1. Try not to add fuel to the fire by replying and possibly making it worse.
  2. Report the post to a moderator, either using the report post feature @ the bottom of every post, private message a moderator/admin or email admin@pokerforum.ca
  3. If you receive advertisements or inappropriate content via PM, please forward it to admin@pokerforum.ca

What happens when the rules are broken?

Typically, we will try to follow the same escalation path, but depending on the severity as determined by moderators/admins we may also escalate the steps taken.
  1. On first offence, a warning will be issued when. When appropriate, the offending post will be removed from public view (such as if rules 5-8 are violated) A warning lasts two weeks. You can still post as usual, but if another rule is broken you will escalate to #2.
  2. Temporary mute. You will still be able to visit the forums and read posts, but you will not be able to create or reply to posts. A temporary mute can last anywhere from a few days to a month depending on the severity of the offence as determined by pokerforum.ca staff.
  3. Permanent mute (ban) This is when you will not be able to post on pokerforum.ca again.

Attempting to circumvent these measures by registering under a new name or by other means will advance the escalation process.

What to do if you would like to dispute action taken?

Feel free to post in "site feedback", if you're muted or otherwise unable to post, please email admin@pokerforum.ca
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