Getting the Most out of your Stay at

Hey everyone, here is a list of tips and tricks I have found makes my visit here easier. I thought I would share them with everyone!
  • Did you know that you can see images without needing to click a link to see each one? Go to your Profile settings and Turn on the feature. Look for the "Thread Display Options" header and Check the option "how Images (including attached images and images in code)" You'll now see images inline with the messages
  • Don't like seeing those noisy signature at the bottom of everyone's posts? Turn them off!! Go to your Profile Settings find the "Thread Display Options" header and Un Check the option "Show Signatures"
  • Looking for new content since you were last on the forum? There are two different ways
    1) Look for blue chips beside the post and follow them to the newest posts in that forum. "Blue Chip" = "New messages have been posted since you were last online" "Grey Chip" = "All the messages in this Forum/Thread are read"

    2) Click the link at the top of the forum that says "New Posts" and you'll be brought to a page of all the unread items on the forum. I personally bookmark this page and this is where I start when I visit the site!

    If you have too many blue chips to catch up on.... declare forum bankruptcy and scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Mark Forums Read". The next time you visit the forum you will only see new messages posted since you were last here.
  • Make sure you are getting an email every time someone replies to a thread that you are participating in! When you reply to a post go to the Advanced Editor and below the reply check the box off that says "Subscribe to this thread and notify me of changes:" and choose the option that says "Instantly, using email" You can also set this as a default in your Profile Settings under the "Messaging & Notification" header, change the "Default Thread Subscription Mode:" setting to the one that best suits you
  • Want to know whats going on in the forum without visiting it each day? Subscribe to a daily digest email for the forums of your choice. For instance if you want to get a digest email of all the Hamilton Poker games you can go to that forum and at the top of the forum click "Forum Tools > Subscribe to this Forum" You would then get a daily email of all new posts for that forum.

Got a tip or a trick that made your life easier on the forum? Please feel free to share it below!
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