Poker staking

Hello admins, Hello guys

Your most hated guy here again. I didnt know where to write it so please lmk if its not the right one.

Anybody knows anyone who does Poker Staking ?

Thank you


  • gork, no one here knows you, on here we are really only staking friends and "winning" players. If you are a winning player why do you need a stake..? Gone busto I suspect. Keep posting looking for handouts and you will be banned.

    Unless you can prove you are a winning player over a significant length of time and hands there is no chance here.

    Also quit posting in multiple threads, that will also get you banned.

    Suggest 2plus2 is the better place.. or try this..
  • last year.PNG

    is that enough sir ? you want more ?
  • i havent got busted. Just let you know ,not everyone here living in their fathers triplex , like some of you. living in Toronto is expensive. with my current bankroll I am able to earn same amount of money but instead i would like to backed up for playing only high stakes. Which will allow me earn at least double even in case of splitting with staker.
    You can do the math use 10/20 to 50/100 instead of 1/2 to 50/100
  • There is only one problem here .You guys are average players and good friends. some recreational players make you feel like you are poker god. you like that feeling. You like feeling like Kim Jong Un for that unawared North Korean people. So you cannot endure to anyone who is gonna remind you that you are not actually so good. That is why in my every post every reply starting with a banning threat.
  • I don't think anyone here is living in their fathers triplex, even Mark... lol.. While making 67K in a year at poker is decently impressive most (all?) of us here make a living in other ways. Do you really think you can make the same BB/hr at higher stakes and why not stake yourself and keep all the profits....? Oh yea I forgot, risk right? Maybe you don't run as good.
    Poker income is not going to be around forever, what other skills do you have to earn income? What sort of social interaction do you get? A lot of us here can earn that kind of money on 20 hrs a week, how many hours a week do you put in?
    Why have you not gone to 2plus2 for your staking requests?

    How about here?

    Also what happened to your rake back deal? Not work out? And in there you mentioned that you were making 100's of K's and your cousin (?) millions. Sorry but I'm still suspicious... Maybe I'm just old...

    Can I see a screen grab of your bank account?
  • Rakeback deal july earnings


    staking application response
    staking response.PNG

    poker wd history 1 2 3 4

    anything else sir ?
  • ``Poker income is not going to be around forever, what other skills do you have to earn income?``

    I have studied 2 university at the same time Electrical Engineering and Business Administration , I have master degree on Control Engineering , studied Project Management in Canada. do you want a copy of diplomas ?

    ```Do you really think you can make the same BB/hr at higher stakes and why not stake yourself and keep all the profits....? Oh yea I forgot, risk right? Maybe you don't run as good.```
    if anybody want guaranteed income use the bank get your %2.3 yearly. Here I am offering %289 return based on my previous stat. of course there is risk not to run same as there is chance of running even better.
  • If you really had all those degrees and skills why would you bother with poker.... Obviously there is some smoke and mirrors here, I will let others question you if they have interest... You can't even quote right.

    And yes, I do only play recreationally, have never had any intention of otherwise.. One of my functions here is to try and keep the scammers out.

    And you didn't answer my question re 2plus2.
  • again, i will patiently explain what you don`t understand here .
    i have started last january by only depositing 1k and reached 67k (that is usd) in a year. first played only 1/2 then 1/2-2/4 then 1/2-5/10 at the end of the july i have started playing 25/50.
    what I am trying to do is getting backed up and directly playing 25/50- 50/100

    in first case i am making 67k on my own
    in second case we are making 500k+ together with split deal 250k each. about 4 times more earning for me.
    I dont have enough bankroll to always play 25/50 - 50/100 that is where you needed
  • i cant quote , that is your job . my job is playing poker.

    and here is your smoke and mirrors

    Annie Duke-After a double major in English and Psych at the prestigious Columbia, she went on to study Cognitive Psych on the grad level, beginning her Master’s Degree.

    Vanessa Selbst-After undergrad at Yale, she got her law degree at that Ivy League school

    Barry Greenstein-undergrad degree in Computer Sci at the University of Illinois. From there, he began heading toward a life of chalk dust on his hands (not realizing academia would be going to dry-erase technology) by working on a PhD in Math

    Bill Chen-PhD in Math from Berkeley.

    Elena Stover-PhD in cognitive neuroscience

    Lee Nelson-He’s also a doctor, and not of philosophy. He built a wellness retreat in his native New Zealand and has authored a book on prostate cancer.

    Marcel Vonk-PhD in physics from the University of Amsterdam

    Michael Binger-holds a PhD, his in theoretical physics, from Stanford.

    Will Tipton-education is in both Materials Science and in Computational Science and Engineering, and he was finishing his PhD at Cornell

    Dan Wilson-PhD in Astrophysics from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.
  • Sigh...... So how much do you need from us?
  • for 30 buy-ins 3 months profit split
    for 60 buy-ins 6 months ......

    for 10/20 25/50 1 average buy in $700
    for10/20 25/50 50/100 1 average buy in $1133

    you have the risk.
    sharing : you get back your investment+ %50 of profit , I will get %50 profit
  • weekly minimum 40 hours of grinding or 7k hands guaranteed
  • could make a contract and sign in front of an attorney
  • So I guess the minimum investment would be 30x700 or $21K? Is 700 really enough for even 10/20? That would be a small 2/5 buyin live. And what are you putting up as collateral? Your reputation?

    I don't think my attorney (or my wife) would approve.....:D
  • as the question get related , my explanations will be too
    let me do the math ;

    my current 25/50 stats : 5679 hands bb/100 0.83 All in Adj bb/100 5.52
    my current 10/20 stats : 20505 hands bb/100 5.15 all in Adj bb/100 1.79

    I will do calculation for both bb/100 and Adj bb/100

    for bb/100 in a month : guaranteed number of hands 30k lets say 15k 25/50 15k 10/20
    profit = 0.83X50X150 + 5.15X20X150 = 6225+15450= $21675 per month

    for Adj bb/100 in a month :
    profit = 5.52x50x150 + 1.79x20x150 = 41400+5370 = $46770 per month
  • CAP games are 20bb games 10/20 means 400 max per all-in
    25/50 means 1k per all-in
    yes minimum investment 21k

    40 hours of work per week+ know how + enough profit to cover to take your wife to Cancun ,Tulum, Varadero, St Lucia , Puerta Plata , Nassau , Freeport in a same year. (that was actually what I did last year.)
    do you want photos sir ?
  • plane ticket receipts ?
  • Actually i realize sth if i wont beat you guys on table, you will never trust me. so lets do this ??
    call total of 8 more player who you think are best + promise not to collude :)
  • 1111.PNG

    the player I have crushed , sitting on 50/100 tables and i am looking for backing up. That is just not FAIR
  • 12345.PNG
    7th all these 4 are poker millionaire ,but crushed by me
  • One last question, and I asked it before, why do you not go to the large staking community on 2plus2 rather than here to look for money? Or perhaps you already were there under a different name? I'm done.

    P.S. don't tell me it's because you wanted to give us Canadians the first opportunity..
  • Nope , not because you are Canadian , but because you are in Canada.

    I have offered here do nothing and get extra %10 on top of your regular rake back , even for that i have faced suspicion.
    I have decided to ask for staking in last week. I have done my applicatons to the companies + here in Canadian forum. because companies does the contract and here in this forum we can actually meet, if you wanna go through hand histories you can go, you can come my neighbourhood , maybe I wrote before we can actually sign a contract too Because trust is the biggest issue here.

    I dont have any account on 2+2 ,I actually don`t have any other account on any other forum. I opened this one to see if there is anyone who got PR showing that poker as their primary business.

    if I couldnt find what i am looking for from companies or in this forum, I could open 2+2 though.
  • who knows maybe after 2 months i will return with a remarkable winning from Bahamas and wont need any back up.
  • In for 50k where do I EMT.
  • Bfillmaff wrote: »
    In for 50k where do I EMT.

    Are you going to use your 649 jackpot winnings to stake Mr. Gork ?
  • Bfillmaff wrote: »
    In for 50k where do I EMT.

    Bring the cash to my next tournament. I'll make sure he gets it.
  • you can add skype and we can discuss skype name: gorkem.picakci
  • this entire thread is too funny, for a variety of reasons that i cant even begin to start. ill just say ignorance is bliss!
  • if there is anything that seems funny or unrealistic in my messages , I would be happy to explain
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