For Sale: Desert Palms China Clay Tournament and Cash Set

Since I don’t host games too often anymore, I am selling off a large portion of my collection. All of the chips for sale are in very good condition, and have been used moderately for my home games. Prices are as follows + shipping from Prince Edward Island Canada. For context, I shipped two racks to British Columbia recently, I believe for just under $25.

Desert Palms China Clay Set
Asking .20c/chip

150x .25c
150x- $1 Edit: I have 150, not 15
25x $5
150x $100
150x $500
150x $1000
75x $5000
Marching Dealer button included.

The quantity of chips is a little weird, I know, but I was slowly building the set over multiple orders. I would prefer to sell these as a complete set, but I am not completely opposed to breaking them up. I also have 150 green non-denom DP plastics that could be used for quarters. I’ll throw them in for free, excluding shipping.

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