MTT Hand Critique

I have been playing in a couple of weekly MTT's at the casino. Witnessed this hand Friday night after the re-buy period. Blinds 500/1000.

8 handed. Two limpers and the blinds. Pot 3500. Player C in cut-off bets 5K. (Stack: 38BB's)

Buttons folds and the blinds fold. Player A (21BB's) and player B (50-55BB's) call.

Pot: 16.5K Flop: 5H,6H,5D

Check, Check, Bet of 8K

Player A calls, Player B folds.

Pot: 32.5K Turn 8C

Player A goes all-in. (8BB's) Player C calls.

Player A turns over 7D,9D. Player C had pocket Kings. Player A's hand held.

Critique of each players hand. Any missteps?


  • Limping is pretty lol bad. I'd rather be open raising 79s then limping it, but off 21 bb's open folding is his best option. Limping and calling 5 bb's off 21 total is really bad. And out of position.

    The 5x raise pre w KK over 2 limpers is really good. Like that sizing. The flop bet w KK is good.

    When player A jams turn with the straight, I'm still calling w KK. Getting 5-1, and if he's bad enough to open limp 79s then call a 5x, I'd imagine there's still a ton of hands KK is beating.

    I hope your not player A. But if you are that's ok too I guess. Good on you for posting it here and seeking advice. If you had KK, well played. Nh. UL.
  • Player A played awful. His limp call preflop is a huge blunder.

    Player A played badly and got rewarded. This is a good thing. It will re-enforce his bad thinking.

    If you were player A then as noted above , good for you for seeking advice.

    Player C should fist pump and celebrate, then smile and congratulate player A at on 6th street.
  • Player C (Hero) took 7 or 8 seconds before calling. The turn clearly helped Player A, but how? Pocket eights? 7/8 off-suit? Hero eliminated the possibility of an open ended straight flush draw. Basically, Hero could not put 2 and 2 together, and called believing Player A had oesd/top pair or possibly top pair with a flush draw. He completely over-looked 7/9.

    The hand was a complete gut punch. Hero would have felt much better about losing if Player A also had the flush draw. To Hero's thinking, Player A made the sickening decision to commit their stack to the backdoor flush draw/inside straight draw when he called off half of his remaining stack after the flop.

    Hero had a difficult time gripping the idea that someone would play such a hand in that manner, especially outside of the re-buy period. When Player A called off 13/21 of his stack, knowing he was behind, and that he would likely have to commit the rest of his chips after the turn, is he ever finding the fold?

    ^^ The above unanswered question gnawed at Hero. Would Player A have folded if the turn did not help his hand, or would he have called off the rest of his stack to another C-bet with the hopes of hitting his inside straight draw on the river? (Little question in Hero's mind that Player A would have called off his stack if another diamond hit the board on the turn.)

    The lessor second question is: Should Hero have considered 7/9 as a possible holding for Player A?
  • Hi OP.

    Can you please list the stakes and location , playout structure of the tournaments?

    Thank you for posting here and sharing. I'll be honest with you OP.

    Your problem is "6th street" where you have:

    Totally wrong thinking.

    Hero should smile and plan, "We Love Player A's Play Day" celebrations.

    You Want to play against morons who play like shit.

    Edit: If it helps feel free to feel mad or angry or vent here, but don't do that at the table.

    Feel free to post about being or feeling robbed or entitled if it helps.


    Never go full Hemuth in Real Life.

    Helmuth = retard
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