Seven Card Stud Hi/lo 8 "wheel hand questions"

So everyone knows in Hi/lo that a "wheel" A-2-3-4-5 hand can win both the hi and low halves of the pot. Im new to the game and was running a few hands by myself to practice recognizing Hi/lo hands. On this particular hand two hands were heads up J Diamonds J Hearts J Clubs Q Clubs Q Spades 9 Hearts 7 Spades completing a fullhouse for the hi portion. The next hand was A Clubs 2 Clubs 3 Spades 4 Spades 5 Hearts K Clubs 10 Hearts completing the wheel winning the High and low. So my question is does the wheel hand still win the Hi portion of the pot ? to my knowledge so far a wheel is a straight, but isnt a fullhouse higher than straight? would the pot be split or shipped to the wheel? Now taking this a step further , lets suppose the wheel was all clubs, making a straight flush wheel, would that be higher than the fullhouse, if the fullhouse was the higher hand in the first question? Please help me clear this understanding of the game.


  • The simple answer is the best low wins half the pot and the best high wins the other half. It does not matter if the best hands are held by two different people. Each is independent.

    If two people held a wheel but one was a straight flush 'steel wheel', then the straight flush would win half the pot for best high hand and for the low, two people are tied so they would split the low half. This is called getting quartered because the steel wheel gets the high half and splits the low half (or 1/4 of the total pot) for 3/4 total and the other guy with just a wheel gets the remaining 1/4.

    This would also happen if both players had a wheel for low but one player also could make a straight to a 6 to take 3/4 of the pot.
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