brag: running in god mode

i don't really play online a lot anymore but since i'm back at work i've been missing the live poker action, so i figured i'd jump back onto pokerstars for some fun. i had something like $40-$50 on there from a while ago so using my great bankroll management i went straight to the $0.10-$0.25 PLO table (with a few $0.05-$0.10 here and there) and have just crushed them. in less than 2 weeks i've went from $50 to $750 and that includes an admittedly too drunken night where i punted off over $100 in about 30 hands. it's honestly kind of crazy as other than that one time, i haven't had a losing session yet.

probably jinxed it now though but i had to say something as this is probably my biggest heater ever.


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