Fallsview $2-5 - It doesn't only happen online

I was at Fallsview last Wednesday playing $2-5 and had a stack of ~700.

Looked down at AKdd in the bb. It was raised utg to $20 and had 5 callers prior to my action and I elected to call (yes I could have 3 bet to isolate the raiser, however I was hoping someone would hit a weaker hand and commit more money. If I miss the flop its an easy fold).

Flop 3h4d7d

I check, utg bet $20 with $120 in the pot which was very weak. UTG +2 raised it to $80. At this point I was deciding what I should do. I put utg on an over pair, and I put utg +2 on a str8 or set. If I reraised or jammed I don't think utg +2 folds so I elected to call $80.

Turn 8d

I check, utg check, utg +2 bets $150, and I decide to pop it all in for ~600 total. utg folds and utg +2 calls.

River 6d

UTG +2 shows 2d5d and I lose to a straight flush. He hit his 1 outer on the river. Ship the $1560 his way.

I said nice hand, reloaded and managed to end up even on the night.

I forgot how juicy $2-5 at Fallsview can be.
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