from $100 to $10,000, the Meistro and payperview story

User payperview has decided to invest $100 USD into my online gambling and so I have started this thread in order to have a transparent record of the stake as well as to enable feedback from my backer and the pokerforum community more broadly.

$100 stars stake business plan :

My plan is to play .02/.05 PLO on Stars. With 20 buy ins in my bankroll, as well as a plan to move down to .01/.02 @ $50, I think I can keep ROR at a fairly low level. I intend to play 2-9 handed games, with a focus on 2-3 handed games, but I will no doubt end up playing a decent amount of 4-9 handed as well, if previous stakes have been any indication. My general game plan tight and aggressive, although tight is a relative term especially in a 2-3 handed game. If it is heads up I will usually be opening fairly liberally unless my opponent is auto three betting. But I digress. By game selecting well, studying my opponents, entering more often in better position and / or with better cards than my opponents I should be able to consistently win money. I look forward to blogging about this experience here and hopefully I can reward my backer's trust with some profit.

I imagine throughout the next week I will play at least 6 hours a day. I have a very crude estimate of a $5 per day win rate, but of course the variance always massively overshadows the EV in the short term.


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