brag - i'm actually playing poker again

other than me giving wins to everyone in the PLO heads up competition, i haven't been playing poker for a while. however, about a week and a half ago i was like, fuck it i'm playing online again.

just low limit NLH zoom but so far so good. some statistics:

- 11 straight winning days and counting
- 6421 hands played
- 15.25 BB/100 hands

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  • I read somewhere you can make even more money playing 1/2. Like $15 an hour bro! lol..... just playing, but good job getting back into it and being profitable.
  • Weren't you supposed to be playing live cash?;)
  • GTA Poker wrote: »
    Weren't you supposed to be playing live cash?;)

    Sounds like something I'd say. Ontario sucks though. Might start my own home cash games soon hopefully.
  • update: obviously this thread ruined everything and i dropped a couple buy-ins yesterday. lol should have known.
  • That is the variance, or I hope anyways. But thats why we are all here on this thread and not strolling through casinos over the world enjoying the high life lol..... keep at it!
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