Moose Vegas TR Master Links

Dec. 2005 Sahara/Stratosphere

Nov 2008 Wes, Moose, Mmoose, dtyore, stpboy, johnnieH, compuease, mario - Harrahs

Nov 2009 - TI

Feb 2010 - Bill's/Flamingo

Sept. 2010 moose, mmoose, hobbes/hobbette (kinda), johnnieH, wraych, compuease - Flamingo

Sept. 2011 A/C Ballys/Caesars

Sept. 2011 moose, mmoose, johnnieH, wraychel - Rio

Nov 2011 - Paris/Caesars

Feb 2012 moose, mmoose, johnnieH, Beanie, seekthegrail, thegrail - Ballys


  • Just easier for me to find this way. Will add more links later.

    Still missing one TR between 2005 and 2008. Can't find it.

    edit: odd, must have imagined it. Sigh good times.
  • Bump for fun. Most of the links broken. Try to fix...
  • suggest the author of the post just update the links
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