Inviting back former members

compueasecompuease Administrator
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I asked Steve to dump me a list of the forum names and email addresses we have on file for them in the database. I am thinking of taking that list and sending a personal email inviting a lot of the more 'interesting" characters to come back and at least put in a guest performance, ie kristy, cindyxx, T8, GTA and dozens more to tell us what they are up to now. I'm sure a lot of the email addresses will be outdated but I can try. There are likely a few we wouldn't want back but if you can think of any from years gone by you would like me to invite, please pm me. With the new forum software it will be easier to manage,


  • DrTyoreDrTyore It's phonetic!
    Just not costanza / fedh8r and darbday

  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    lol, but they would liven he place up... Surely they have grown up by now...
  • trigstrigs Flop smasher
    Invite them all back. Quarantine is boring.
  • WolffhoundWolffhound Flop smasher
    What is BBC_Z up to these days...
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    He would be one I would email... Re-introduce him to g2... lol
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