Managing home games

It looks like the Home Games section of the club only records the first 7 games as our last 2 games are not there. Anyone any idea how to delete earlier games? No issue from a monetary perspective as I have everything tracked in the spreadsheet, just curious. I have asked Stars but don't really have much hope of an answer.


  • kwstevekwsteve Super Duper Player
    Seems like a bug.

    Maybe have a results thread.
  • djgolfcandjgolfcan Flop smasher
    Reset Home Games seasons and statistics
    You can change the settings of your Home Games Club by selecting

    Manage Club tab in your Club Lobby
    Change Club Options
    Change the Club Season Length option to whichever suits your need
    Select Apply

    Your Welcome :)
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    The season is already set to a year by default so that's not it. I can make you a co-manager if you think you can figure it out.
  • trigstrigs Flop smasher
    I heard other people recently complaining about the home games stats and how it's been glitchy lately and not always recording games. Might be an issue with Pstars.
  • djgolfcandjgolfcan Flop smasher
    No thank you :)
  • djgolfcandjgolfcan Flop smasher
    Is there a game tonight ?
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