Get your TR Diamond through status match

This is for anyone planning gambling trip to Vegas, especially if you fly through Pearson

TL/DR get a Amex platinum card, which is admittedly very expensive, which includes a Marriott Bonvoy gold elite status, match that to a couple other hotel elite cards, match that to TR Diamond (can all be done online).

So where does this make it worthwhile?

Your diamond card waives all resort fees, which for a week stay will be several hundred bucks, the AMEX card gets you into several airport lounges at Pearson, and around the world, it also puts you in the priority security line at Pearson which can easily save you a 1/2 hour or more.

Diamond gets you a free 4 night stay at Atlantis in the Bahamas.

Add in the other various benefits, the points, hotel rewards, travel benefits etc and this could be worth it to you.


  • $699. per year for that card however for someone (not me) who would take advantage of all that it may be.. Most resort fees are $35-50 per day. If I was going to say the wsop for a couple of weeks I could see where this could be advantageous.
  • $699 includes a $200 travel credit which can be used against your tickets, hotel, car rental etc making it $499

    Full suite of travel/health insurance too if you don't already have a cc that covers that.
  • moose wrote: »
    Full suite of travel/health insurance too if you don't already have a cc that covers that.
    Sucks being over 65.... Don't ever go there... ;)
  • Hey I set a new personal best yesterday - consecutive years alive!
  • HBD! late..
  • Thanks Moose. I actually have the card but did not know about the diamond level hotel match.

    there are a bunch of other perks too if you travel a fair bit. The ones I use most often are the Pearson Priority Pass and the fine hotels booking bonus.

    the priority pass gives you access to all the Airport vip lounges and the AMEX centurion lounges are super nice. Also the security line bypass is worth a few bucks too..... also discount on valet parking

    ‘’the fine hotels bonus give you $100 credit with each hotel stay. If you go to the spa or to a dinner in the hotel you get an immediate 100 credit on your bill.

    ‘also the platinum concierge is great when you want to get concert tickets or a reservation at a nice restaurant/.

    I know it sounds like a lot of money but the perks are pretty decent if you travel .

    thanks Moose, gonna try and do the linking of hotel rewards to get the diamond Caesar’s.
  • Just came back to say, for anyone who travels Moose is spot on. The airport bypass and concierge service alone is worth the money.
  • If anyone is thinking of getting this I can give you a code that will give you an extra 10,000 points as a signup bonus. This year you get 50,000 just for getting a new card so 60,000 with a bonus code.
  • So what would be considered a hotel elite card?

    Are these credit cards or rewards/membership cards?
  • The hotel elite cards are just the regular reward cards that give you additional perks at various hotel chains.
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