Best way to convert large sums of cash US to Canadian to eliminate exchange fees?

I've been reading about Nobert's Gambit.

It eliminates currency exchange fees using shares that are listed on the US and Canadian exchanges.


  • Are you trying to buy us shares or just exchange currency?
  • Did you win THAT much on Saturday?
  • He is going to buy a new phone in the USA
  • Are you going to use the Horizons US Dollar Currency ETF to pull off Norbert's Gambit?

    I am not in a hurry to convert all my US dollars, so I just use the much less complex method of exchanging at the mid-rate when friends want U$. In case a friend wants U$ without the high currency spread of the banks, let me know at Casino Niagara or Rama.
    I've been reading about Nobert's Gambit.
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