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So I decided I wanted to buy tickets for tonight's Lotto Max but I don't want to have to go into a lottery retailer to get them. I had set up an account with OLG online awhile ago but I never used it nor did I link my bank account. This morning I linked my account and transferred $15 to purchase tickets for tonight. Apparently OLG has a promotion on where they will match your deposit (at least $15 to a max of $300) with "casino cash" to be used in their online casino. Whoo hoo, free money to gamble.

I decided I'd try my luck at my second favourite casino game - blackjack (my favourite is craps) - so proceeded to bet $5/hand in the hopes of clearing the bonus and making a few bucks. I wasn't sure what the "earn" requirements were but a quick read of the T&C's seemed to say you had to bet 10x the bonus to have it transferred to your cash account. I played 30 hands and ran my account up to $32.50. When I checked it was still in the "bonus" account so I did some more research and discovered that blackjack required 100x play, not 10. Oh, well, I decided to give it a go. After making a total of $1,450 in bets (increasing to $10/hand whenever I got over $50 in my account) I was up to $182.50 in my account. I needed another $50 in bets to earn my bonus so I upped by bet to $25, knowing that at worst I'd be up $132.50 if I lost the next two hands. Lo and behold didn't I get a double-down hand, made the bet and won, so I ended up with $232.50 in my cash account. Whoo hoo again - OLG effectively gave me $232.50 for buying $15 worth of tickets for tonight's draw. Let's hope my luck holds!!!
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  • that's awesome
  • Just so ya's knows, my luck with Lotto Max sucked last night.
  • Gogie wrote: »
    Just so ya's knows, my luck with Lotto Max sucked last night.

    Are you the maths guy, what are the pot odds again?
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