Good TV Shows You May Not Know



  • Time to watch all these shows is definitely an issue....
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    I was going to buss but if i can come with you, that would be great. I'll pm you my number. thanx a lot

  • DrTyore wrote: »

    But goddamn... Daredevil s3 is the best MCU tv series. IMDB has the lowest episode (s3e1) rated at 8.8, and the rest are 9+, with I believe 2 hitting 9.8 / 10.

    The "Wilson Fisk doing research" scenes absolutely drove me wild.


    If they kill DD like they did Luke Cage and Iron Fist, we riot. Same goes for Jessica Jones and Punisher. MCU on Flix is as good or better than anything in the theatres. Donofrio as Fisk is inspired casting.

    The facial features in S3E7 are eerily reminiscent of Pvt. Gomer Pyle
  • How do you like TV series The Haunting of Hill House? Friends advised to watch.
  • lfcplayer wrote: »
    How do you like TV series The Haunting of Hill House? Friends advised to watch.
    Just finished watching this. Pretty creepy but ending was disappointing.
  • good thread...where did the 7 years go?
  • Watching the new season of House of Cards. Also, there is a Brit show on Netflix called Bodyguard that is very well done. Stars the guy who played Rob Stark on GoT.
  • Resurrecting this thread

    Simply because "Doom Patrol" is fucking amazing. Out there, bizzare, unapologetically batty. I can't reccommend this enough.

  • Line of Duty ...quickly moved into my top 10 all time Shows.
  • sn1perb0y wrote: »
    for people who enjoy crime/thriller shows, "Ozark" and "the night of" are the nuts

    Ozark and Animal Kingdom.

    Not sure about Animal Kingdom, but the wife and I have been binge-watching Ozark and find it terrific. If you've watched Breaking Bad and enjoyed that you'll probably like Ozark - it's a similar premise and flows in a similar style. If you haven't watched Breaking Bad I highly recommend it as well.
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  • Ozark is so good! DJ and I binge watched that a month or so ago. Can't wait for the next season.
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