The Legend-Casears Windsor

November 25th, 2023


  • Looks interesting. But I'd have to start peddling me bicycle in the next couple of hours to get there on time.
    Lord Google says it fifteen-hours of cycling away . . .
  • I will be a short stack ninja when I start playing day two Sunday!
  • As posted on Facebook, a husband & wife cheated by transferring chips during the end of day bagging! :o The OPP was called in, & Caesars Windsor has banned both of them for life!
  • > I start playing day two Sunday !

    Did you get a hotel room, or buy a nightcap and take a snooze at the bar ?

    > Caesars Windsor has banned both of them for life !

    That's the civilized way of handling things however make more cents if company wide
    as they could easily pull the same trick in Vegas.
  • As a layman whose only read a few case studies in Ethics and Philosophy of Canadian Law and its Applications.
    I wonder what charges were laid; fraud over $5k ? Good to hear justice was served and the floor made correct ruling.

    But sadly if it's their first criminal offence it'll go to divergence (or whatever that's called).
    Where defendants are felted away from actual criminal charges and get a slap on the wrist (pay a fine).
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