Hi from Cambridge

Hi Steve, I'm John. We met at the fundraiser at Bingemans.

I used to play in a weekly home game before I moved to Waterloo Region. I'm hoping to meet some new poker friends here and it would be great if you weren't Dallas or Pats fans!



  • compueasecompuease Admin
    edited September 14
    Welcome! Go Bills..
  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
    edited September 14
    Hey John,

    welcome to The forum. hopefully you found the sign up process easy and it made sense I always like getting feedback. if you look at the games calendar it should show you all the upcoming games if you're interested in going just open up that thread and just say you would like to play. most of the games are explained in the first post. if you're interested in attending just say in please and then the person running the game can choose whether or not to let you play. most are fine with new players but some require someone to vouch for them.
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