Calgary poker room suggestions.

Spending a few days in Calgary coming up. Looks like there's a good number of rooms to choose from, wondering if anyone around here might have insight as to which ones would be good to visit or which ones to absolutely avoid.

Just some basic 1/3 or 2/5 NL.


  • In case anyone is reading this in the future, Deerfoot has a very well run room. 8-10 tables, decent dealers, bathrooms, own cage, own waitress. 10% rake to $7 for $1-$3 + $1 bonus, match the stack buy-in. Play is typical for $1-$3, lots of regulars who play poorly, lots of small stacks who shove often. Choose your spots and roll up. I ended up in a 4-way all-in post-flop when I had the nuts. That was a +$600 hand.
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